Softening flakes

  • Softening paste

    Softening paste

    A substance used to increase the softness of textiles, rubber products, leather, paper, etc.

  • Nonionic Softening Flakes

    Nonionic Softening Flakes

    Film plays an indispensable role in improving the product quality and added value of textiles. It can not only endow textiles with various special functions and styles, such as softness, wrinkle resistance, shrinkproof, waterproof, antibacterial, anti-static, flame retardant, etc., but also improve the dyeing and finishing process, saving energy and reducing processing costs. Textile auxiliaries – film is very important to improve the overall level of the textile industry and its role in the textile industry chain.

  • Cationic softening flakes

    Cationic softening flakes

    It is applicable to the softening of all kinds of cotton, linen, silk, wool yarns and fabrics, making the fabrics have good softness and elasticity. It is especially applicable to the softening of all kinds of denim, wash cloth, knitted cloth, woolen sweater, towel and other textiles, so as to achieve the purpose of softness and puffiness. It is especially suitable for finishing light and white fabrics.