Functional auxiliaries

  • Non Woven Fabric Agents

    Non Woven Fabric Agents

    In addition to the main components, some auxiliary materials, also called additives or additives, should be added when preparing adhesives for nonwovens.

  • Other Funcational Agents

    Other Funcational Agents

    Textile auxiliaries are necessary chemicals in textile production and processing. Textile auxiliaries play an indispensable and important role in improving the product quality and added value of textiles. They can not only endow textiles with various special functions and styles, such as softness, wrinkle resistance, shrinkproof, waterproof, antibacterial, anti-static, flame retardant, etc., but also improve dyeing and finishing processes, saving energy and reducing processing costs. Textile auxiliaries are very important to improve the overall level of the textile industry and their role in the textile industry chain.

  • Functional Polyurethane Finishing Agents

    Functional Polyurethane Finishing Agents

    It is suitable for the finishing of various fabrics with improved abrasion resistance, anti fuzzing and anti pilling properties, rubbing fastness and durable hydrophilic antistatic property.

  • Anti-Bacterial Agents

    Anti-Bacterial Agents

    The fabric antibacterial agent will endow the treated textile fabric with superior durability, and has a good antibacterial function. It can be used in the dyeing engineering and finishing process before fiber fabric treatment to prevent the harm caused by microorganisms, extend the service life of the fabric, and make the treated fabric have a softer feel and anti-static effect. Textile antibacterial agents can be directly mixed into organic and inorganic formulations.

  • Anti-Ultraviolet Agents

    Anti-Ultraviolet Agents

    Textile UV absorber is a water-soluble neutral broad-spectrum UV absorber with large absorption coefficient, which is suitable for UV wavelength of 280-400nm. It has no photocatalysis on textiles, and does not affect the color, whiteness and color fastness of textiles. The product is safe, non-toxic, non irritating, non irritating and non allergic to human skin. Good compatibility with other chemicals, with certain washing performance.

  • Easycare Agents

    Easycare Agents

    Suitable for shrinkproof, anti-creasing, easy-care treatment of cotton, rayon and their blends.
  • Anti-Yellowing Agents

    Anti-Yellowing Agents

    It is suitable for curing various fabrics, especially nylon and its mixture. It can effectively prevent fabric damage and hot yellowing.

  • Anti-Static Agents

    Anti-Static Agents

    In the process of textile fiber processing and textile product application, static electricity accumulation often occurs, which interferes with the processing and application. The addition of textile antistatic agent can eliminate static electricity or make the accumulation of static electricity reach an acceptable level. According to the washability and dry cleaning property of antistatic agents, they can be divided into temporary antistatic agents and durable antistatic agents.

    Textile antistatic agent is a kind of high-quality special ionic surfactant with special antistatic ability, which is suitable for electrostatic treatment in textile production. It can be used for polyester, nylon, cotton fiber, plant fiber, natural fiber, mineral fiber, artificial fiber, synthetic fiber and other textile materials. It is suitable for electrostatic treatment and spinning in the process of textile electrostatic treatment. It can effectively prevent product adhesion and dust absorption.

  • Stiffening Agents

    Stiffening Agents

    Suitable for stiffening and edge sizing of various fabrics.The treated fabric feels hard and thick.

  • Moisture Controller

    Moisture Controller

    It is suitable for moisture control treatment of polyester and its blends.

  • Anti-flammable Agents

    Anti-flammable Agents

    The textiles after flame retardant processing have a certain flame retardancy. After disposal, the textiles are not easy to be ignited by the fire source, and the flame spread slows down. After the fire source is removed, the textiles will not continue to extinguish, that is, the afterburning time and smoldering time are greatly shortened, and the extinction performance of the textiles is greatly reduced.

  • Anti-Pilling Agents

    Anti-Pilling Agents

    The anti pilling agent can be used for various fiber materials, and can prevent or reduce the pilling phenomenon of hairiness without rough hardening of the fabric. When this product is processed, it will make the fabric form a firm soft elastic resin film, which can obviously prevent the pilling phenomenon, and at the same time, it will make the fabric have a good reverse elasticity, smooth and soft feel.