Pretreatment auxiliaries

  • Enzymatic agents

    Enzymatic agents

    Enzymatic agents refer to the biological products with catalytic function after enzyme purification and processing, which are mainly used to catalyze various chemical reactions in the production process. They have the characteristics of high catalytic efficiency, high specificity, mild action conditions, lower energy consumption, reduce chemical pollution, etc. Their application fields are all over food (bread baking industry, flour deep processing, fruit processing industry, etc.), textile, feed, detergent, paper making, leather Medicine, energy development, environmental protection, etc. Enzymes come from biology, generally speaking, they are relatively safe, and can be used appropriately according to production needs.

  • General agents

    General agents

    1.DETERGENT 209

    2.DETERGENT  209 CONC. 

    3.APEO REMOVER  TF-105A  

    4.DIRT REMOVER  TF-105F 


  • Detergents For Polyester Scraps

    Detergents For Polyester Scraps

    Suitable for removing oil, dirt, oligomer on polyester scraps and  dyeing machine.

  • Syabilizers


    Increase the stability of solutions, colloids, solids and mixtures, which can slow down reaction, maintain chemical balance, reduce surface tension, prevent photo thermal decomposition or oxidative decomposition, etc

  • Sequestering agents

    Sequestering agents

    Sequestering agents is a kind of macromolecular surfactant, which has excellent dispersion and suspension effects, can prevent fabric contamination, and can improve the color fastness of fabrics when used in dyeing. The chelating dispersant has excellent complexing performance, can effectively remove iron, calcium, magnesium plasma in water, has a strong scale inhibition and scaling function, and can decompose and remove calcium, iron sediment, silicon scale, etc. on the equipment. It can effectively remove the floating color of reactive dyes and other dyes without affecting the dyeing shade and fabric whiteness in the process of dyeing or soaping after dyeing. The product has good compatibility and can be used in the same bath with general auxiliaries for pretreatment and dyeing; Good stability, excellent acid, alkali, oxidant and reductant resistance.

     Sequestering agents with good dispersibility, strong complexing ability and good stability can be used to improve the water quality of dyeing and finishing water, and are suitable for fabric pretreatment, dyeing, soaping and other processes.



    A substance that makes solid materials more easily wetted by water. By reducing its surface tension or interfacial tension, water can spread on the surface of solid materials or penetrate into the surface to wet the solid materials. It is usually some surface active agent, such as sulfonated oil, soap, pulling powder BX, etc. Soybean lecithin, mercaptan, hydrazide and mercaptan acetals can also be used.



    In the process of dyeing and finishing, clothes often encounter oil stains, stains, color stains, color flowers, silicone oil spots, etc., resulting in low product resources. Some even have no choice to repair. In addition, many auxiliaries are needed in the process of processing, so clothes can easily become very oily. At this time, textile degreaser is needed for treatment.