Ethylmethyl-carbamic chloride

Ethylmethyl-carbamic chloride

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CAS no:42252-34-6

Chemical properties: Rivastigmine tartrate Intermediates

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Ethylmethyl-carbamic chloride is used as the intermediate of Rivastigmine tartrate .
Rivastigmine tartrate is rivastigmine Alzheimer's disease drugs, rivastigmine is physostigmine derivative by Novartis for the first time successfully developed the trade name Exelon (exelon), a molecule with there carbamate structure, is a kind of amino acid of selective cerebral cholinesterase inhibitor, can also inhibit the acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase, cholinergic neurons by delaying the release of acetylcholine degradation and energy promoting cholinergic nerve conduction, can improve cognitive function disorders mediated by cholinergic, thereby improving the cognitive function of Alzheimer's disease patients. Rivastigmine plasma protein binding is weak, easily through the blood-brain barrier, which has a high degree of brain selectivity. It not only selectively acts on the most easily affected cerebral cortex and hippocampus, but also preferentially inhibits the dominant subtype of AChE in the brain, resulting in a reduction in the efficacy of peripheral cholinergic side effects. Rivastigmine in vivo half-life is short and long duration of action. Unlike tacrine, this product in the hippocampus and cortex of G1 enzyme inhibitory effect is stronger. Clinic for the treatment of mild to moderate Alzheimer-type dementia, or Alzheimer's disease can be suspected Alzheimer's disease clinically.

Resource-integrated Product Line



JIN DUN Medical has ISO qualification and meets GMP production standards, employed domestic and foreign drug synthesis experts with rich experience to guide company's R&D.


Advantages on Medical Customization

●High Pressure Catalytic Hydrogenation . High Pressure Hydrogenolysis Reaction . Cryogenic Reaction (<-78%C)
●Aromatic Heterocyclic Synthesis
●Rearrangement Reaction
●Chiral Resolution
●Heck, Suzuki,Negishi,Sonogashira . Gignard Reaction



Our Lab has various experimental and testing equipments, such as: NMR (Bruker 400M)、HPLC、chiral-HPLC、LC-MS、LC-MS/MS (API 4000)、IR、UV、GC、GC-MS, Chromatography, Microwave Synthesizer, Parallel Synthesizer, Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC), Electron Microscope...

R&D Team

Jindun Medical has a group of professional R&D personnel, and employs many domestic and foreign drug synthesis experts to guide R&D, making our synthesis more accurate and efficient.



We have helped several top domestic pharmaceutical companies, such as Hansoh, Hengrui and HEC Pharm. Here we will show part of them.


Customzation Case One:

Cas No.: 110351-94-5


Customzation Case Two:

Cas No.: 144848-24-8


Customzation Case Three:

Cas No.: 200636-54-0

Cooperation Mode

1.Customize New Intermediates or APIs. Same as above case sharing, customers have the demands for specific Intermediates or APIs, and they can not find the needed products in the market,  then we can help to Customize.

2.Process Optimization for Old Products. Our team will help to Optimize and improve such production whose reaction route is old, production cost is high, and the efficiency is low. We can provide full documentation for technology transfer and process improvement, help customer for a more efficient production.

From drug targets to INDs, JIN DUN Medical provides you with one-stop personalized R&D solutions.

JIN DUN Medical insists on creating a team with dreams, making dignified products, meticulous, rigorous, and going all out to be a trusted partner and friend of customers!

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