Non Woven Fabric Agents

Non Woven Fabric Agents

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In addition to the main components, some auxiliary materials, also called additives or additives, should be added when preparing adhesives for nonwovens.

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TRANSPEC JD-629C    Anionic/Nonionic
Suitable for hydrophilic and softening treatment for all kinds of non woven fabric. Has strong penetrating and affinity. It can impart waterproof fabric with excellent hygroscopicity. Can be used together with silicone softener and softer paste. It can remove waterproof property of silicone softener or softener paste and keep original handle.
Dosage: Padding 2 -10 g/L
Suitable as the germicidal agent for recycled water in spunlacing non-woven fabric production. Wide and effective, non-toxic, lasting and strong penetration. Highly concentrated product. Environmental friendly and bio-degradable, non-toxic. Good corrosion retardancy. Can reduce scaling of pipe and blocking of needle plate. Best germicidal performance can be reached if used by TF-6571 and TF- 6572 alternately.
Dropping speed: 0.25-0.5kg/h
Suitable for cleaning blocked spunlacing board in spunlacing non woven equipments. Highly concentrated product. Environmental friendly and bio-degradable, non-toxic. Easily to use, high penetrating ability. Strong soil and oil cleaning ability. Soil releasing, descaling and anti-corrosion ability. Can release soil and dirt from high precision metal equipment.
Dosage: 1.0-1.5 g/L

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